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(1) I'm messing around with Stamps in RWG. Sometimes I think I see the stamp being cutoff. That is, I see a flat edge and a terrain feature abruptly stops when that flat edge is not in the PNG. I assume there is a maximum dimension for the stamp file, perhaps something like 1000x1000 px, 500x500 px? Does anyone know the size? @Kinyajuu


(2) I'm getting a Null Reference exception when I try to generate a map with a mountain stamp. It is reported (see below) but I wondered if anyone else has had any luck with a mountain stamp? I'm a novice with art tools and don't have a lot of confidence that I'm preparing the stamp files correctly.


PNG, 16 Bit Greyscale with Alpha, PC Byte Order. Height map with 32 being a typical ground level, so a mountain would be values of 32-255.


Link to Bug Report:


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