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UpgradeBlock property change


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I would like create an new concrete block. i ready this almost but i don't know how to add 2 different material to update.


Here is the code:

<block name="concreteShapes" shapes="All">
    <property name="Group" value="Building,advBuilding"/>
    <property name="DescriptionKey" value="concreteGroupDesc"/>
    <property name="DisplayType" value="blockHardened"/>
    <property name="Material" value="Mconcrete_shapes"/>
    <property name="Texture" value="8"/>
    <property name="UiBackgroundTexture" value="8"/>
    <property class="RepairItems">
        <property name="resourceConcreteMix" value="15"/>
    <drop event="Harvest" name="resourceRockSmall" count="60" tag="allHarvest"/>
    <drop event="Destroy" count="0"/>
    <drop event="Fall" name="terrDestroyedStone" count="1" prob="0.75" stick_chance="1"/>
    <property name="EconomicValue" value="50"/>
    <property name="EconomicBundleSize" value="20"/>
    <property name="FilterTags" value="MC_Shapes"/>
    <property name="SortOrder1" value="0009"/>
    <property class="UpgradeBlock">
        <property name="ToBlock" value="concreteShapesv2"/>
        <property name="Item" value="resourceConcreteMix"/>
        <property name="ItemCount" value="20"/>
        <property name="UpgradeHitCount" value="4"/>
    <property name="CustomUpgradeSound" value="place_block_concrete"/>


the goal would be when i update block to concreteShapesv2 then use it 20 pieces resourceConcreteMix and 2 pieces resourceYuccaFibers 

any ideas for this?
version I use Alpha 20.6 (b9)

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