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Changing red brick debris texture in the Wastelands


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How do I change the top-most texture in the wastelands? I've tried changing the Texture property of the terrDestroyedStone and terrDestroyedWoodDebris from 438 to 2 (dirt) in the blocks.xml and it works for everything except a topmost visual layer. When I dig/shoot the ground it clears immediately so I don't know where to look to modify that texture.


It's a great texture but it's off putting when it's found over the entirety of the wastelands. Below is the modlet snippet I'm using.


<set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='terrDestroyedStone']/property[@name='Texture']/@value">2</set>
<set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='terrDestroyedWoodDebris']/property[@name='Texture']/@value">2</set>


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