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Zombies from my dream


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I dreamt I was playing 7 days and there were a few new zombies and a non zombie enemy.

The zombies all seemed later stage as they had weird abilities. The first kind if looked like it had been hit with a steamroller, looks don't matter for this one though. It could shoot tentacles into the ground to slow you down or to attack. 

Another looked slenderman-ish in that it was tall and had paler than normal skin, it was able to see me from about 200m away and was faster than a normal sprinting zombie, it may have also brought other zombies, like if they saw it sprinting they'd join.

The last zombies wasn't really special it was just in a food mascot out fit and freaked me out.


The enemy out in the wastes I saw was a large man who looked like they spliced their DNA with a pig to survive better. Kind of looked like if you made Arnold Schwarzenegger's Commando character mixed it with Bebop from TMNT and gave it a massive gut. They looked about 8-10 meters tall, I was far away trying to run away from zeds at 3 health so I didn't get a good look. They had a base like a trader but was covered in aggressive turrets that shot at anything, player included. I think they also had a truck mech they could fight in. I think the whole place was a junkyard but the dream is fading and I'm not positive. They did keep announcing themselves on a speaker and calling themself Gaucho, which I think is a spanish word but I'm not sure.


There were other things but I can't remember them now. Any way these were fun in my dream and thought maybe some one else would enjoy hearing them.


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