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RWG Cohesive Perimeter Tiles


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I was thinking about various things that could be implemented as "townships" (rwgmixer.xml reference) in the game. Some of them would want a cohesive perimeter around them. For instance, consider a military base done as a township. For another, consider a desire to treat "oldwest" town as a tourist attraction instead of a ghost town. Both of those cases would want some kind of wall or fence as a contiguous perimeter around the "township."


Also consider @MichaelL. MP Logue's Swampland City Tile System which might benefit from knowing where the interface between the swamp and the rest of the world would be. The ability to define a cohesive perimeter around a rwgmixer.xml township becomes that interface.


Current rwgmixer.xml features support declaring an "outskirt_district" to wrap around a township. For example:


<township name="town">
  <property name="outskirt_district" value="rural"/>


This is very close to meeting the goal of this suggestion. What it does not do is guarantee specific rotations of the Tiles in the specified outskirt_district will be used such that a fence or wall defined on those tiles will connect. That is, while "cap" Tiles will (probably) always face the correct way, I'm not so sure of "corner", "straight", and "T" tiles. A "T" tile could conceivably be used as an entrance to a "township", which would rotate it the opposite way from that used to otherwise maintain a perimeter. An "intersection" tile would represent an entrance to the settlement but could be rotated in 4 different directions making the placement of a perimeter fence/wall impossible to predict.


What I'm wonder is if either an "outskirt_district" property might indicate a desire for a cohesive perimeter:


<township name="town">
  <property name="outskirt_district" value="military_fence" cohesive_perimeter="true"/>


Or, if perhaps it is better to declare the district itself as a perimeter:


<district name="military_fence">
  <property name="district_spawn_weight" value="0.4"/>
  <property name="district_required_township" value="military_base"/>
  <property name="district_preview_color" value="0.25,0.25,1"/>
  <property name="poi_required_tags_all" value="military_fence"/>
  <property name="cohesive_perimeter" value="true"/>


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