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Back Packs

Darrol Quinlan

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I have been playing 7D2D since it was first released but one thing I hate and can't work out why it hasn't been sorted yet and that's the ongoing problems of backpacks disappearing. It is a bloody joke. You spend hours gathering resources and make tools etc and it’s gone in seconds. The current server I am playing on 7 have had go walkies in the last six days. It’s just not good enough. GET IT SORTED PLEASE.


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A recent helper was added in, in I think A19, was a note in the output log of coordinates of the backpack. To be honest, I haven't had any complaints on our server about missing backpacks in a couple of alphas but since you are still seeing it, there must be some edge cases still happening. Check the output log at the time of your death to see what the coordinates are and see if it's helpful in locating it.

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