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Steam deck, proton and missing save


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I started 7d2d without proton. I was going to try running it with proton to see if it runs better but my save file is not in the continue game section. Do I need to move it or is there no way of using my old save with proton? If I need to move it where would I move it? Thanks.












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I don't know, but create a game under proton and give it a distinctive name. Then search for the name with filesystem tools (for example "find / -name 'game name' -print" in a shell). The same way you can find the location of your old game. Compare.


Oh, and the launcher should also open the savegame location. Probably the proton save game is at a location where proton simulates a windows directory structure, i.e. it would be somewhere with a name of .../Appdata/Roaming/... So you might find the location without generating a game with "find / -name Roaming -print"


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