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Master chef perk A21


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From my understanding all recipe’s will be able to be bought or found in the world making the only benefit to using the master chef perk the requirement of ingredients.

My suggestion is to change the master chef perk to unlock an alternate recipe than the standard one everyone can unlock


The standard recipe,

Unlocked by reading, (Small portion)


Master chef recipe uses the same amount of ingredients as the standard recipe.

Medium portion: Unlocked by reading the standard recipe and skill point in master chef

Large portion: Unlocked by reading the standard recipe and 2 skill points in master chef

Family Dinner: Unlocked by reading the standard recipe and 3 skill points in master chef


This would add in total 4 recipe’s to the game for the same type of food what is the difference and would I need more storage space.

Storage space, yes and no depending on what you make.


The difference between the recipes is basically nothing, they require the same ingredients and the same amount.

The change is in consumption, this would work the same as eating canned food where you get an empty can.

For the master chef recipe you eat a portion of the food down grading each time to a lower tier recipe.

Going from the top tier,

Family Diner, eat a portion becomes Large portion.

Large portion, eat a portion becomes Medium Portion.

Medium Portion, eat a portion becomes the Standard being made by everyone recipe item.


For the second part, the Cooking I would like to suggest changing the heat map made by campfires to be part campfire and part cooking recipe based.

For example:

The heatmap from the campfire is cutdown by 75%  so just burning wood gives a heatmap 25% of current.

The other part of the heatmap is generated by the recipe that is being cooked.

Making the boiled egg’s recipe give a total heat like 25% since its just boiling water but charred meat 25% + 175% = 200% this is variable by what is cooked (how smelly the cooking is in RL)

Points in Master chef could tune down the heat that is generated since you make better quality (less chance it gets burned)

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