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Akimbo (dual wield) Pistol Idea and How to do it Fairly


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In the game, weapons of different levels have slots that allow you to modify them. what if you could modify a pistol by putting another pistol of yours in the slot? The ammo will be displayed however the developers feel is comfortable. whether ontop of the other ammo, or on the other side of the screen. you can mix any type of pistol with any pistol. right click fires right weapon, left fires left. aiming is disabled. disables the ability to use additional attachments even if the gun its attached to it is level 6. Damage is determined individually rather than both doing the same damage. displayed damage on the weapons description (in the menu) will be the average between the two pistols to avoid needing to add extra numbers. 

reload time increased. make a cool animation for reloading akimbo pistols.

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On 12/11/2022 at 8:23 AM, BFT2020 said:

Yes and to make it realistic, you miss 19 out of 20 shots trying to act like you are in an action movie. 🤔 😅

Well that tickled me. Ever watch the movie Boondock Saints? It's all because of bad television. 😇

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