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Moving a server through a reformat


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Hey, all!  I'm getting ready to install some hardware updates in my system, enough so to require a reformat/reinstall of Windows.


I'm currently running a dedicated server for my friends (it's only running the one night a week we play.)  It's running on the same PC on which I play the game. 


What is the process to safely move the server to a new PC?

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I saw that it covered setting up a server, and it covered moving saves, but I didn't see anything about moving servers.  Does moving saves cover everything needed to move an entire server?  Is it just a matter of setting a server up from scratch and moving the save files as described?  Or can I just transfer the entire save folder as-is?  Are all of the server settings included in the save file?  Are there any in other directories? 

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Just an update (as there is nothing worse than searching for a topic and finding that the answer was never confirmed.) 

Moving the dedicated server was a success.  Here's the exact process I went through on my Windows 10 machine in case it helps someone else later.  This included installing to a different Windows profile name and putting the server on a drive with a different drive letter:


1.  I backed up the saves as per the FAQ item (for me it was \AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie.  I backed up the entire folder.  I suspect that the relevant folders were \Saves, \SavesLocal, and \GeneratedWorlds.  (Note that the FAQ calls it the 'Worlds' folder, which I'm guessing is from an earlier version.)

2.  I backed up the installed dedicated server folder (IE - the folder where startdedicated.bat and serverconfig.xml are.) In the end, the only file I actually needed from here was serverconfig.xml.  Note that this was in the dedicated server install directory, not the game directory.

3.  After the format, I dropped the backed up \AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie folder into the new \AppData\Roaming\

4.  I reinstalled the server via SteamCMD normally, and copied the backed up serverconfig.xml to the new server install directory.

I also had to re-tweak my network settings, but that isn't a 7D2D issue.


Everything is working exactly as it should be.  The world is intact, the players are intact, items that were forging are still forging, etc.


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