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Graphic issue


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I got this weird visual issue and I don't know what it is and how I can solve it.
According to players on my server they say it's tearing, I'm not so sure about that tbh. Anyone seen this before?
It's not all the time, I mostly get it near/in water but also inside buildings etc.

I updated my GPU and monitor last week.
New GPU: XFX Radeon RX 6600 Speedster SWFT 210 8GB
New monitor: LG Ultragear 27GP850, 27inch, 165hz
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
PSU: Corsair 550w gold

I wonder if it's my new GPU that's faulty.
Before this new RX6600 I had a RX570 which had no problems with the game, except lag during blood moons.
I've updated it with the latest drivers.

Tested it in other games like CoD BOCW, no problems there.

Here's a screenshot and a short video about the issue:


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First you should try to turn off graphics options to see whether one is not working with your new GPU. For example I once had similar issues and had to turn off reflections to get a correct display.


If that doesn't help, remove your mods and see if that helps.


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