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Why i love 7 days to die 2700 hours of game time


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Why I love 7 days to die.


Sorry it's kind of a big post... But it's been a while since I wanted to talk about it. First of all, Hi everybody ! My name is Michael, i'm a 34 yeard old French zombie-killing machine !

With 2709 hours of game time under my belt on 7 days to die, I consider myself a veteran who mastered every difficulty the game has to offer. (plus more later in the post)


This topic will mainly focus on the offline and single player part of the game, as during my 2709 hours of game time i've barely played 50 hours online.


I think it's safe to say that 7 days to die is my favorit game so far, and the reason behind this topic is to share with you, WHY in my opinion 7 days to die is the GREATEST crafting survival horror game of all time !




_Realism vs arcade.

7 days to die has found the perfect balance between realism and arcade ! Diseases, status effects, weather, encumbrance, darkness, collision, tools and weapons degradation, finite ammunition, death, all add realism and IMMERSION.


While, generous item stacking, no carryweight, crafting absurd recipe, surviving explosions & deadly fall, carrying a full 4x4 vehicle in your pocket, and healing broken bones like it's nothing, all add CONVENIENCE and FUN.


The game is fun ! It's fun killing zombies, fun building a base, fun watching your character gets stronger, fun unlocking new crafting recipes, fun looting, and fun restarting the game with the large RNG element making every single new game a whole NEW experience.


The difficulty is on point to keep the player alert and always on the move, especially in the hardest settings where you have to make the right decisions and fast ! Have you ever throught of «being organized» as a skill to develop and master in-game alongside accuracy, movement and inventory management ? Because in 7 days to die, it is. Being organized gives you more time to loot, craft, prepare your defences. It took me 2 thousands of hours of game time to know how to maximize looting a big city in less than 3 days with the highest loot score possible.


_The new game experience

Every new game is different from the last. Your starting point... the map... the loot you get early to late game... how to decide to build your character... In 2 700 hours of game i never had 2 games that were similar ! The experience always feels fresh.


_Skill books and crafting recipes

To me, skill books and crafting recipes are my personnal favorit ! Everytime I start a new game, the books i find are different, this add a very welcomed RNG effect to the game ! Some skill books are game-changing while other can guide you to build your character in a certain way to benefit from them.



I hated skyrim's carryweight... I hated Project zomboid inventory management... But I loved minecraft stacking and inventory management. 7 Days to die got rid of all the things I hated in thoses games, and kept only the FUN parts.





_The difficulty curve.

As you get stronger, zombies get stronger too, military zombies start to appear, then Ferals, then ghouls, then the radiactive zombies start to show up, etc... This make 7 days to die a dynamic game that follows the player along. It is especially true during blood moons, where you can really notice the gap between last week's attack.


_The choice of difficulty.

If you find the game too easy, crank up the difficulty, find your sweet spot, if the game is too difficult, try a different approch, try new skills. And please I beg you... DO NOT TRY TO CHEESE YOUR WAY TO VICTORY. You are meant to face the threat of zombies, by either fighting them, or fleeing them.

You are meant to use tactics and traps and robust base designs to turn their immense number into something manageable for your arsenal of weapons.


Making zombies impossible to reach you during blood moon attacks, BREAKS THE WHOLE CORE OF THE GAME.

It is in my opinion AS BAD as playing minecraft with infinite ores, AS BAD as playing Dark souls games while being immortal, AS BAD as playing an old Sonic game on Master System starting with all 7 chaos emeralds unlocked and infinite rings.


I mean the game is called 7 days to die, not 7 days to build your garden.


And if you are a veteran who mastered the hardest of difficulties, then try self-imposed challenges.
_Explosive are too powerfull ? Try playing without using any explosive.

_Restrict yourself to only 2 weapons in your belt, 1 melee, 1 firearm, forcing you to choose wisely before engaging zombies, instead of running around with 6 shotguns ready to use at the press of a single button.

You will then be forced to play the game in a new ways. I discovered how insaley good the .44 magnum really is with it's full upgrades and perks unlocked, by forcing myself to use pistols only.

Now I always use a .44 magnum as a secondary firearm instead of the desert eagle.


_Try not to abuse the zombies, give them a chance to be able to reach you, it's your intelligence and skills VS their number. Nothing forces you to follow the game rules after all... so NOT cheesing the game is also a self-imposed challenge.





_The freedom of choice

I am absolutely amazed by how the devs allow us to build the character we want skill-wise !


You can still be a badass killing machine, while still being able to craft and sustain a base.

You can be a devoted farmer, or a mining dwarf while still being able to do perform in combat.

You can specialise in something while NOT sucking heavily at the other things.


This gives us the freedom of choice, we are not restricted to META builds. I know allowing the player to be good everywhere sounds contradictory with the aspect of choice but hear me out.

If we were only restricted to ONE character build per game, we would suffer the META, playing something else than META would put you at a huge disadvantage, and therefore... taking that freedom of choice away from you.


If I don't want to invest into crafting then it's perfectly fine i don't need to craft tools, the loot follows the player's level, I just need to level up and loot them...!


I don't need to craft a motorcycle, i'll just sell all the loot I found from this extremly dangerous building thanks to my high combat stats, and combat abilities, and then buy the darn thing !


The freedome of not being restricted.





What I really liked about 7 days to die the first time i played was how simple and ergonomic the crafting is !

One of the reason I hated old school minecraft's craft system was because you had to memorise each and every recipe, and if you were like me you had to keep alt-tabbing between the game and minecraft wiki in order to know how to craft a damn redstone repeater, or an anvil.


7 days to die on the other hand, has one of the simpliest and elegant crafting system i have even seen.

Don't know how to craft a crucible ? Type Crucible in the crafting manu and there you have it !

Don't know how what you can craft with sensors ? Just click on the sensor and check «Recipes» And there you have it.


Wanna know what you can craft and what you can't ? one single look on the greyed or white icon and you have your answer.


You can't find the workbench in your crafting recipe ? Just type in the first letters of what you're looking for and there you have it ! It even works in different languages !


I play in French, and «Workbench» is spelled «Établi» in french, but the «É» needs the use of ASCII code (L-alt 144)which is a pain... so instead i just type «Wor» for Workbench in english and voila... !



_The skill tree.

The skill tree is amazingly simple and easy to understand. All you need to do is click on a skill and read what it says.

You need to craft a minibike ? Look what it says on the skill, you must learn the mecanic skill level 2, you can't learn mecanic Level 2 ? check above, it says you need intelligence level 4. You still can't craft it ? It says right here that you need a workbench to craft it.


I can't wait to see what the next update is going to bring to the game.

How impactfull the new changes are going to be on the way I play.

Because i love it when a game forces me to adapt or perish ! The new zombie AI completely messed up my most effective defense design, forcing me to create a new better one !

The zombies got smarter and so did I !


Thank you for reading.

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27 minutes ago, Mikaslash said:

Skill books and crafting recipes

To me, skill books and crafting recipes are my personnal favorit ! Everytime I start a new game, the books i find are different, this add a very welcomed RNG effect to the game ! Some skill books are game-changing while other can guide you to build your character in a certain way to benefit from them.


Oh man are you going to LOVE Alpha 21... :)

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7D2D scratches so many of my favorite itches for games. No other game has all of the flavors 7D2D has in my opinion. The only thing that would make it better is a robust random story line generator so the replay value has more of a goal. Currently the quests are pretty basic and have no story basis. Hopefully that will get fleshed out once it hits beta

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I agree with you and almost all your points. You can get rid of blood moon if you don't like it. I've been playing since alpha 7 and I got tired of it after they quit dropping loot so I got rid of it.


Play the game you want to play just like you say.

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