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Servers list menu has problems (detailed within). Are these being addressed or slated to ever be fixed?


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No matter which geo region of USA I select in my filter, I get many Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Euro servers with huge pings for me. Screenshot attached. These are obviously not USA servers, and my desire to search for nearby, low-ping servers is useless. I don't know if it's just a matter of the server admins listing their server as whatever region they want, or it's broken, or what.. but at the end of the day, it's not serving its purpose successfully.


Second, a few versions ago, we lost the ability to sort server search results by the left-most 3 columns (Favorites, EAC status, Passworded). You can still sort by the right-most columns (player count, ping). Why did we lose the ability to sort by the first 3? Was it intentional (if so, why?) or an unintentional side effect? Will it ever be fixed?


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My information is that TFP hired a programmer specifically for network stuff in 2022. Likely some improvements from his work should appear in A21, but there are also a lot of open issues in the network code and he never posted on the forum to tell us what he is working on at the moment.


Since not all features of A21 have been presented it is quite possible that we will hear of some improvements when the A21 presentation videos start.



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IMO, all of the servers (for example Asian servers) showing up in North American East is due to North American East being the default in the serverconfig.xml and those Asian servers not changing the settings from default. Hopefully tfp will work out a fix for this. What makes things worse is not being able to exclude those servers obviously not in North American East and the browser quickly hits max servers which will leave out some of the servers you actually want to see. This is a big problem for the master server browser which I would expect to be fixed in A21…let’s hope that happens. For now, we need to wait for a fix as I haven’t heard anyone mention a workaround.

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