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reload-mecahnics demand more code !


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you know it: shotguns in particular, but other weapons also; do need more coding !
unacceptable to think of shotguns with magazines, despite being tube-fed. the problem extends over to other weapons, such as the lever-action.
a bit lazy on your sides; knowing that your reload-mechanics are a disgrace but still releasing new weapons with the same old code.

so how to solve it ? you guys need to do more coding but only once youve been at the gunrange; learning about weapons and reloads.

thanks and cheers

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They know their weapons are not 1:1 depictions of the real weapons. They just are representations of the general class of weapon. And they cut corners to keep it simple.


In other words they solve it like they do in other parts of the game by not caring too much about realism. This is neither a simulation nor a realistic shooter.


I'm not speaking for the pimps, just repeating what they told us at various occasions.

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I think you're confusing code with animation. These are two fundamentally different things, but I suppose that doesn't really matter.


Why? Well to echo meganoth, 7DTD is not meant to be a realistic shooter. Sure, it might be nice if some changes were made, but realistic gunplay and reload mechanics are not what this game is about. If it's really that important to you, TFP have been nice enough to make this game moddable and there is an excellent mod that can be found here:

The mod creator is making continual progress and updates are released somewhat regularly. You should check it out.

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I think you need to be playing Tarkov/Metro if you are that concerned about realism. 


I for one don't want to be checking my magazine for how many rounds are still left in my clip and manually reloading them so they sre ready when needed.


Hair splitting...

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my biggest issue with ANY games reloading mechanic is this the code simply is "if reload is interrupted cancel reload" however it will be (lets say the (pipe weapons) they slam open then gun eject said round cancel reload then have to do EVERYTHING over. put in a check where each thing animated is done (similar to lockpicks) so when canel reload can see was gun open? was round or mag ejected was ammo inserted was gun closed? 

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