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Make more wilderness POI's spawn on mountains


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I'm really sick and tired of these very flat looking maps the normal settings in A20 generate. I have been getting somewhat nicer looking maps with setting the sliders of rivers(godawful S shaped) to none, craters, canyons and lakes to high, plains all the way down to zero, hills all the way down and mountians all the way up, but using a 15k map size.

This finally adds roads and dirt wilderness roads that can go through and around mountains somewhat, but I want more wilderness POI's to spawn on moutainous areas because I want to leave the flat areas left for cities and towns.

Would there be perhaps a height setting for wilderness POI's to spawn at? At least until Teragon gets released.

Even with plains all the way down, I still get so much empty flat areas though. RWG in A20 is so uninspiring.

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I agree with all of your points, funk, however - (this is just a somewhat-educated guess) mountains in A20 appear to be all made from stamps, and I don't think the various automatic "RWG" road/POI-placement algorithms would work with them. My own solution is to go with an 8k Advanced RWG map, choosing about 70 - 80% hills, and 10% plains and no mountains at all. I then run "Map Toolz" and GIMP to set up the biomes/heightmap as I want them to be, with water around the entire perimeter of the map. I must confess that I've only played with the roads (which works fine over the mountains), but I have no clue how to add or place POI's, but I expect this is entirely possible with the in-game editor. Toolz can do all of the rest, and can even be run several times on the same map until one is satisfied. Good luck!

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