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My channel, Making Friwends and Making Memories :3


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Hi all,


I'm relatively new to 7 Days forums but I have been playing the game on console (ps4 and xbox) for yearssss.

I now have around 1000 or more hours on console and I'm slowly bringing up my hours on PC too! I currently have over 230 hours.


I want to make some more 7 Days to Die friends and make new memories with them. 

If i get enough interest i may even setup a 7 Days to Die server with my channel :D


please check out my channel here! ❤️ https://linktr.ee/rhysernater <<<< has all my socials including my twitch :3

Some of my funny 7 Days to Die clips! :D below!




Below is a highlight of when Twitch chat spammed spawns on me >:D 



Anyways look forward to meeting yall ❤️



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