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Is there anyway I can edit Gamestage?

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Go to gamestages.xml and you can make some minor adjustments




        startingWeight ="1"
        diminishingReturns ="0.5"

        lootBonusEvery = "12"
        lootBonusMaxCount = "30"
        lootBonusScale = "25"
    <!-- the DifficultyBonus parameters are now flat multipliers. 2.0 = 2x the gamestage. Simple. -->
    <!-- lootBonus changes blood moon drop rates every x zombies, up to max chances, by scale -->


To make more changes, you would need to do some c# changes to the base code



and here is more information on the gamestage calculation (if you care)

There is a metric which maps a player or group of players to a game stage number.

    This is a running total, kept for every individual player.

    Every 24 hours GAME time 1 (day) is added.
    On every death "daysAliveChangeWhenKilled" is subtracted from the total.

    After this the daysAlive is capped.
    It is low-capped at 0, high-capped at "your player level".
    At player level 41 you can have a daysSurvived value anywhere from 0 to 41.

gameStage = ( playerLevel + daysSurvived ) * difficultyBonus


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