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Electrical Light Options Question


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8 hours ago, bobrpggamer said:

I have a couple of question for electrical lighting


I. Can I change the color of the light? I am sure this was not possible in A19.

II. Can you make a blinking light? For, say a gyrocopter landing pad at night.


Thank you.



Both of those options are available in the Prefab Editor, but I'm not aware of them being exposed to players within the game itself.


There are two "Pimp Dreams" (discussions) with similar goals:




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Thanks to both of you.


I tried the light mod and the console had some red error messages, and I cannot read the text because it is too small. So I just restored a saved folder and got it back to normal.


The folder that the mod comes in, is full of unity assets and other junk I do not understand, so it is most likely not a simple modlet, and I am coding and script illiterate so I am not going to attempt to use it.


Well I should pay more attention. All I had to do was turn off EAC on the launcher and now it works.



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48 minutes ago, bobrpggamer said:

All I had to do was turn off EAC on the launcher and now it works.


Yeah, anything with custom C# code cannot use EAC. That's by design and it will never change.


Until A20, to support custom C# code, mod users had to replace some of the game's .dll files as well. We're all lucky that 7D2D now supports Harmony and custom C# code natively, so we don't have to do that any more.

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