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Looking for a Challenge? Nightshade Wildemount - Highest Difficulty PVE Server with Custom Mods, Lore, and Extended Play


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Looking for a challenge with friendly, helpful players and staff? Nightshade Wildemount might be the place for you. We're at just over Day 200 with established bridges to the wasteland and shops at our beloved community build /square for all your shopping needs. Experience one-of-a-kind creative NSTech Mods as you set a course to the unknown wasteland rumored to be the radiated. There you'll find all kinds of monsters that truly give Wildemount the Nightmare name. 

Nightshade Servers | Wildemount | PVE
IP: Port: 26950

Region: North America - East
Direct Connect: steam://connect/

Server Settings: 
NIGHTMARE Difficulty (HARD MODE) (5)
100 Loot Abundance (Loot Respawns every 7 in game days)
Feral Sense at Night
200 XP Multiplier
x4 LCB Maximum, 51x51 LCB Size
Drop Nothing on Death
Headshot Mod for better damage

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