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Car crash or not


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I will keep this simple.


Point blank range at a zombie wth a bow and arrow and the arrow goes through that zed. It is NOT the drop as my arrow is within a few inches of that zed.


In my opinion it is either:


1) Collision detection is not good or even bad.

2) Enemy hit box is in a different universe

3) Some new type of zed that is only a 3d image and so does not exist in the plane.


This happens a lot and not just with arrows and bolts.

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I went and shot a few (broke a Q6 one while at it) arrows at feral bikers with the primitive bow.

- AI off, so just the idle animation.

- Point blank being "walk into the zed until you stop"


I think I found a spot even in the idle animation where I can miss the head consistently. As he drops his head down after looking up/twitching back there's a moment where I was able to put three consecutive arrows through the helmet. Real high on the helmet, practically on the backside of it while I am in front - but clearly covering the entirety of the cross hairs still, so no "real" misses. (I had plenty of those while testing, but those weren't.)


So, you're not wrong, there's improvements to be made.. all that QA requires is good repro steps for a fix. ;)

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I've thought about this a lot as well and my feeling is it has to be related to collision detection. The general consensus is that it is a bug, but meganoth mentioned recently that he does not see it reported.


Meaning players need to report things like this if they think it is a bug. Posting on the forum does not count as reporting it. So the more of us that report it, it should get more attention, and hopefully fixed in a future release.

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I have noticed a lot of issues with the hitbox as well, particularly with vultures.  You can actually see the arrow pass right through them.


Kind of a meh thing in the end though, it is close enough to work and only requires slight adjustments in aiming.  

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