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HELPPP!!!!! nullreferenceexception object reference not set to an instance of an object HELPPP!!!!!


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 I have a problem playing with my compatriot.
After playing 2 days on his server, I try to enter the server and I
get this error (error on the attached screenshot) in the console.
I tried to check the integrity of the files, any reset and after a
full reset the error still comes back. Please help!!

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Hi, your picture link leads to google mail. Either this is a phishing attempt or you are linking to your own email account potentially compromising it. Either way I deleted the link , it won't show a picture anyway.


Generally please read the pinned thread in this forum and post a logfile with the help of pastepin.com. Posting pictures is a waste of your and our time, in most cases they don't tell the whole story.


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