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Blue mame

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ambient light
The ambient lighting system feels weird to me. When I add new trees and plants, there is always too much difference from the editor. When I put new trees into the game, it will feel yellowish

Asset loading
When my mod loads too many models, the memory usage will also increase, which is always weak for the subsequent development of the mod. When I add 50 new plants and trees with 3 layers of LOD, I can no longer Increase, because the memory is no longer enough if you increase it! I hope to solve the problem of asset loading and reading, so that the model module can have a higher development space

infinite world
When I gave up the infinite world for the better operation of the vehicle, I felt it was a pity, and I miss the endless and unknown world. I don't know if there are any cities in front of me to supply supplies, which brings me an unprecedented experience to explore, because everything in front of me is unknown, which gives me a lot of motivation, the excitement when I discover a new abandoned city, when I discover I was inspired to build when I hit a mountain that was so spectacular

type of planting
If you can't solve the problem of asset loading using higher memory, please add more trees that can be planted and decorated again, of course if this problem is solved I will release some self-made tree and plant mods to enrich these

higher challenge
I hope to have some threatening long-range attack type enemies, when I have basic hot weapons such as AK47 or M60, the whole world is not difficult, the zombie melee attack is no longer a threat in a world with blocks randomly built, bandits It's a good idea, I hope to see it in A21

this is just a discussion
I am the owner of a community. Finally, I will mention some server-side problems, or we can run entity data processing and world data processing separately to improve server-side problems. Of course, there are many unnecessary synchronization operations in the server side. You can spend some time check. Thanks for reading, I'll be back from time to time and look forward to hearing from the TFP staff

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