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my server shows no version number


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this it what it posts on server start, hope you can see any wrong thing

container@pterodactyl~ Server markiert als running...
Redirecting stderr to '/home/container/Steam/logs/stderr.txt'
[] Checking for available updates...
[----] Verifying installation...
Steam Console Client (c) Valve Corporation - version 1666144101
-- type 'quit' to exit --
Loading Steam API...OK

Connecting anonymously to Steam Public...OK
Waiting for client config...OK
Waiting for user info...OK
Success! App '294420' already up to date.
:/home/container$ ./7DaysToDieServer.x86_64 -configfile=serverconfig.xml -quit -batchmode -nographics -dedicated -ServerPort=${SERVER_PORT} -ServerMaxPlayerCount=${MAX_PLAYERS} -GameDifficulty=${DIFFICULTY} -ControlPanelEnabled=false -TelnetEnabled=true -TelnetPort=8081 -logfile logs/latest.log & echo -e "Checing on telnet connection" && until nc -z -v -w5 8081; do echo "Waiting for telnet connection..."; sleep 5; done && telnet -E 8081
Checing on telnet connection
nc: connect to port 8081 (tcp) failed: Connection refused
Waiting for telnet connection...
Set current directory to /home/container
Found path: /home/container/7DaysToDieServer.x86_64
Connection to 8081 port [tcp/tproxy] succeeded!
Connected to
Escape character is 'off'.
*** Connected with 7DTD server.
*** Server version: Alpha 20.6 (b9) Compatibility Version: Alpha 20.6
*** Dedicated server only build

Server IP: Any
Server port: 8081
Max players: 10
Game mode: GameModeSurvival
World: West Guvara Territory
Game name: Macalanias
Difficulty: 4

Press 'help' to get a list of all commands. Press 'exit' to end session.

2022-10-27T20:14:20 3.991 INF Started thread TelnetClient_127.0.0.1:50832
2022-10-27T20:14:20 4.022 ERR IOException in ReadLine for TelnetClient_127.0.0.1:50822: Unable to write data to the transport connection: The socket has been shut down.
2022-10-27T20:14:20 4.031 EXC Unable to write data to the transport connection: The socket has been shut down.
2022-10-27T20:14:20 4.059 ERR Exception in thread TelnetClient_127.0.0.1:50822:
2022-10-27T20:14:20 4.059 EXC The operation is not allowed on non-connected sockets.
2022-10-27T20:14:20 4.059 INF Exited thread TelnetClient_127.0.0.1:50822
2022-10-27T20:14:23 7.188 INF NET: Starting server protocols
2022-10-27T20:14:23 7.215 INF NET: LiteNetLib server started
2022-10-27T20:14:23 7.216 INF [Steamworks.NET] NET: Server started
2022-10-27T20:14:23 7.216 INF Started thread SteamNetworkingServer
2022-10-27T20:14:23 7.220 INF StartGame
2022-10-27T20:14:23 7.220 INF NetPackageManager Init
2022-10-27T20:14:23 7.464 INF Persistent GamePrefs saved
2022-10-27T20:14:23 7.567 INF StartAsServer
2022-10-27T20:14:25 8.616 INF Loaded (local): materials
2022-10-27T20:14:25 9.113 INF Loaded (local): physicsbodies
2022-10-27T20:14:26 9.616 INF Loaded (local): painting
2022-10-27T20:14:26 10.178 INF Loaded (local): shapes
2022-10-27T20:14:45 29.523 INF Block IDs with mapping
2022-10-27T20:14:45 29.536 INF Block IDs total 13640, terr 44, last 13848
2022-10-27T20:14:45 29.553 INF Loaded (local): blocks
2022-10-27T20:14:47 30.781 INF Loaded (local): progression
2022-10-27T20:14:47 31.557 INF Loaded (local): buffs
2022-10-27T20:14:48 32.032 INF Loaded (local): misc
2022-10-27T20:14:49 33.559 INF Loaded (local): items
2022-10-27T20:14:50 34.107 INF Item IDs with mapping
2022-10-27T20:14:50 34.107 INF ItemIDs from Mapping
2022-10-27T20:14:50 34.199 INF Loaded (local): item_modifiers
2022-10-27T20:14:51 34.752 INF Loaded (local): entityclasses
2022-10-27T20:14:51 35.245 INF Loaded (local): qualityinfo
2022-10-27T20:14:52 35.746 INF Loaded (local): sounds
2022-10-27T20:14:52 36.469 INF Loaded (local): recipes
2022-10-27T20:14:53 36.937 INF Loaded (local): blockplaceholders
2022-10-27T20:14:53 37.438 INF Loaded (local): loot
2022-10-27T20:14:54 37.937 INF Loaded (local): entitygroups
2022-10-27T20:14:54 38.436 INF Loaded (local): utilityai
2022-10-27T20:14:55 38.936 INF Loaded (local): vehicles
2022-10-27T20:14:55 39.437 INF Loaded (local): rwgmixer
2022-10-27T20:14:56 39.936 INF Loaded (local): weathersurvival
2022-10-27T20:14:56 40.437 INF Loaded (local): archetypes
2022-10-27T20:14:57 40.955 INF Loaded (local): quests
2022-10-27T20:14:57 41.458 INF Loaded (local): traders
2022-10-27T20:14:58 41.959 INF Loaded (local): npc
2022-10-27T20:14:58 42.455 INF Loaded (local): dialogs
2022-10-27T20:14:59 42.955 INF Loaded (local): ui_display
2022-10-27T20:14:59 43.456 INF Loaded (local): nav_objects
2022-10-27T20:15:00 43.955 INF Loaded (local): gamestages
2022-10-27T20:15:00 44.519 INF Loaded (local): gameevents
2022-10-27T20:15:01 45.018 INF Loaded (local): twitch
2022-10-27T20:15:01 45.518 INF Loaded (local): twitch_events
2022-10-27T20:15:02 46.018 INF Loaded (local): dmscontent
2022-10-27T20:15:02 46.518 INF Loaded (local): color_mappings
2022-10-27T20:15:03 47.018 INF Loaded (local): XUi_Common/styles
2022-10-27T20:15:03 47.520 INF Loaded (local): XUi_Common/controls
2022-10-27T20:15:04 48.018 INF Loaded (local): XUi/styles
2022-10-27T20:15:04 48.518 INF Loaded (local): XUi/controls
2022-10-27T20:15:05 49.019 INF Loaded (local): XUi/windows
2022-10-27T20:15:05 49.518 INF Loaded (local): XUi/xui
2022-10-27T20:15:06 50.019 INF Loaded (local): biomes
2022-10-27T20:15:06 50.519 INF Loaded (local): worldglobal
2022-10-27T20:15:07 51.018 INF Loaded (local): spawning
2022-10-27T20:15:07 51.518 INF Loaded (local): loadingscreen
2022-10-27T20:15:08 51.721 INF createWorld: West Guvara Territory, Macalanias, GameModeSurvival
2022-10-27T20:15:08 51.722 INF Occlusion: Disabled
2022-10-27T20:15:08 51.777 INF Started thread ChunkRegeneration
2022-10-27T20:15:08 51.777 INF Started thread ChunkCalc
2022-10-27T20:15:08 51.777 INF Started thread ChunkMeshBake
2022-10-27T20:15:08 51.870 INF World.Load: West Guvara Territory
2022-10-27T20:15:08 51.897 INF BloodMoon SetDay: day 7, last day 0, freq 7, range 0
2022-10-27T20:15:21 65.079 INF Started thread GenerateChunks
2022-10-27T20:15:22 65.938 INF Calculating world hashes took 760 ms (world size 149 MiB)
2022-10-27T20:15:22 66.348 INF Loading dtm raw file took 1220ms
2022-10-27T20:15:23 67.133 INF Biomes image size w= 6144, h = 6144
2022-10-27T20:15:25 69.255 INF Loading and creating biomes took 2906ms
2022-10-27T20:15:26 70.581 INF Loading and creating shader control textures took 1325ms
2022-10-27T20:15:28 71.748 INF Loading and parsing of generator took 1166ms
2022-10-27T20:15:28 71.800 INF Started thread SaveChunks /home/container/.local/share/7DaysToDie/Saves/West Guvara Territory/Macalanias/Region
2022-10-27T20:15:30 74.089 INF [DECO] read 74727/
2022-10-27T20:15:30 74.202 INF Dynamic Music Initialized on Server
2022-10-27T20:15:30 74.202 INF Dynamic Music Initialized on Dedi
2022-10-27T20:15:30 74.212 INF AstarManager Init
2022-10-27T20:15:30 74.537 INF WeatherManager: Init 8 weather packages
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.042 INF createWorld() done
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.045 INF Loading players.xml
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.085 INF WeatherManager: ApplySavedPackages
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.134 INF Loaded player
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.185 INF VehicleManager /home/container/.local/share/7DaysToDie/Saves/West Guvara Territory/Macalanias/vehicles.dat, loaded 0
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.186 INF DroneManager /home/container/.local/share/7DaysToDie/Saves/West Guvara Territory/Macalanias/drones.dat, loaded 0
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.292 INF Setting for 'BloodMoonEnemyCount' does not match the default (server will go to the modded category): current = 16, default = 8
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.292 INF Setting for 'XPMultiplier' does not match the default (server will go to the modded category): current = 50, default = 100
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.406 EXC Address already in use
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.409 INF [EOS] Registering server
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.447 INF [EAC] Starting EAC server
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.588 INF Loading dymesh settings
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.589 INF Dynamic Mesh Settings
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.589 INF Use Imposter Values: False
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.589 INF Only Player Areas: True
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.589 INF Player Area Buffer: 3
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.589 INF Max View Distance: 1000
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.589 INF Regen all on new world: False
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.589 INF Dymesh: Enabled False
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.589 INF Dymesh: Distance 1000
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.589 INF Dymesh: LCB Only True
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.589 INF Dymesh: LCB Buff 3
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.589 INF Dymesh: Imposters False
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.589 INF Dymesh: MaxRegion 1
2022-10-27T20:15:31 75.589 INF Dymesh: MaxItem 3
2022-10-27T20:15:32 75.592 INF Dynamic mesh disabled on world start
2022-10-27T20:15:32 75.592 INF StartGame done
2022-10-27T20:15:32 75.597 INF [Steamworks.NET] Registering auth callbacks
2022-10-27T20:15:32 75.602 INF [Steamworks.NET] GameServer.Init successful
2022-10-27T20:15:32 75.609 INF [Steamworks.NET] Making server public
2022-10-27T20:15:32 75.947 INF [Steamworks.NET] GameServer.LogOn successful, SteamID=90165123197795329, public IP=4*.9*.24*.14*
2022-10-27T20:15:32 76.298 INF [EOS] Server registered, session: 05983b0a35854274bb0d6d9fdf13c063
2022-10-27T20:15:32 76.310 INF [EOS] Session address:

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Your log shows that ports associated with telnet are closed. I do not know if that's the reason the version isn't showing up but be sure that port 8081 tcp is forwarded. To verify, use one of the free online port checkers. 

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