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NPCMod Little Problem

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Hello. Please excuse the video quality is a bit low.


This is exactly the problem. I have rented these 3 NPCs before. I ordered them to patrol. But since then they always come after me, even if I kick them out of the group.

In short, I can't patrol NPCs. Is this problem general or just me?


Thank you in advance.




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1 hour ago, meganoth said:

I moved this thread to the correct section "Game Modifications -> Discussions and Requests". Please do not use "Mods" for questions, except if you directly post in a modders thread.




I will be more careful from now on.

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It's very hard to understand what is going on in that video, and it's not because of the video quality.


From what I can tell, before the video recording was started, you hired three NPCs, then got on a motorcycle. At that point the NPCs shouldn't be visible any more (NPCs "disappear" while their player bosses are in vehicles, otherwise they are left behind and that causes issues).


Next, you stop the motorcycle, and they re-appear next to you when you get off of it. You talk to them, but none of the NPCs have the dialog statements they would have if they were hired. They only have the statement to hire them, and the "Nevermind" statement.


This implies they are no longer hired, yet they still disappear when you get on the motorcycle, and re-appear next to you when you get off of it, which they should only do if you are their boss.


Is that the issue?


If it is, then I have never encountered that issue, nor have I ever seen anyone else encounter that issue.


I also don't know what that has to do with "patrolling." Perhaps that word was translated incorrectly. In earlier versions of Xyth's NPCs, there was an option to "patrol a route." That doesn't work in A20, and the "patrol" dialog option is commented out in the XML. It should not be used.

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