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Need help with editing block stability (steel) or creating an air block with vertical support.

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TERRIBLE MS PAINT PICTURES (I reloaded a back up world after I had my initial collapse so no real pictures, sorry!): https://imgur.com/a/faYTLwO


Hello all I have a slight issue with bit of a super build I've been working on for a while now. I'm trying to dig a 'secret' tunnel (5-10 high by 3-21 wide) under my perimeter wall defenses for access to the interior cpurtyard of the base. This aspect, specifically the direction of the tunnel, is non-negotiable. Please, no suggestions on diverting it, altering its dimensions or etc. I want to explore all options thoroughly before potentially undoing months of work and adjusting my plans.


The problem: Obviously, removing support from underneath things causes them to collapse...specifically, though, the decorative/functional blocks hanging off of the main wall are what are falling off, not the wall collapsing itself, if that makes sense. I guess in other words, I don't have a massive hole going down into the tunnel, just parts of the exterior slowly disintegrating.


Things I've tried to remedy the situation:


**The blocks I am using to test changes are 'steel shapes' blocks made from crafting steel ingots into a single block. The entire wall is also made of these same blocks. All blocks were placed by me and none are pre-fab or existing from a POI.**


* 1.) I've tried increasing the 'stability glue' property in the materials xml file for "Mstainlesssteel" and "Msteel_shapes" but it has no effect in-game.


* 2.) Tried reducing the 'mass' property for the same above materials with no results.


* 3.) I tried to make a new steel shape with its own unique material by copying and pasting existing steel shape data in the blocks xml and renaming it to something else, and giving it its own material id. In other words, copy and paste "Msteel_shapes" material and block data, and change the ID's of both by adding a '2' or something to the end so they map together. The block appears in game, but, infuriatingly, can still only hold 15 blocks horizontally!


* 4.) Adding a 'stability glue' property to the 'stainless steel shapes' block in the 'blocks' xml file.


* 5.) Oh man, I tried to make my own air block that has support capabilities to place in the tunnel underneath the wall but that just crashed my game. hahah I only have a rudimentary understanding of xml editing (clearly) so this comes as no surprise to me.


Yes, I've reloaded stability, both before and after placing new blocks to test if any changes I made work. Additionally, with 'show stability' on the colors of existing blocks make no change after reloading stability, either.


Yes, anti-cheat is off.


Yes, I have also restarted game and computer, for all of the above.


Yes, I am saving the files before starting the game.

No matter what I try the game is reverting to defaults for the physical support properties. Editing things like hitpoints seem to take effect but nothing else. Any ideas, either on how to have my edits for stability actually take effect (ideal), or make a transparent, passable block with vertical support (less than ideal)?

All insight is appreciated!!!

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Two ideas:


Use plates sideways and in direction of the tunnel, they should give support above. If you place a plate to the left facing left and a plate to the right facing right, there is a space almost 2 wide in the middle. By putting more of them beside each other you get a wide tunnel with intermediate thin walls. Lots of people can run through, just no vehicles, if that's what yyou want to do


The other involves modding to re-add support to doors. Doors once gave vertical support (so I heard) so you should be able to add support again. Try to find an old alpha where the doors still had support and compare their definition in blocks.xml if you can't get a modder to tell you the secret.

I think you can drive through small doors set side by side (i.e. it could be that the door frames do not provide an obstacle). If not, use the garage door.


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Posted (edited)

Bro I can't thank you enough! I never thought to add vertical support to doors. Your idea helped significantly in a roundabout way. My wall isn't exactly a wall, it's more of a uh, city, with lots of doors on the inside. Adding vertical support to them has absolutely lit up the entirety of my wall in green and yellow rather than an ominous red and now I can safely dig under it and build my tunnel how I want!!!))))

The only 'problem' now is that this base is becoming less and less functional now that I have load-bearing doors. LOL

Thanks so much again, you got me thinking big!!!)))))

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