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(A20) Old West Migration


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Old West Migration can be downloaded here:



Old West Migration is a small modlet that provides the following:


- Increases the size of the Old West tiling system.

- Increases the amount of Old West settlements being created in a RWG.

- Adds a gateway Trader to the Old West tiling system.

- Adds a few custom Old West POIs that are in context with the Old West theme.

- Adds a custom tile to expand the current TFP selection.

- Allows players to add the 'rural' POIs as an outskirt district which surrounds the Old West (Optional by uncommenting the xml)


Here are a few images to demonstrate.


This image shows the Old West running straight up from the Trader and forking off to the left and right. The Trader sits on a Gateway tile and the default is tarmac road. It is possible to change this tarmac to gravel but it will be like that for every Trader in the World. This is a small trade off. This tiling system covers 5 tiles of Old West tiles.



The length of each straight is quite long but game play is smooth since these POIs do not require heavy rendering.


Bubbles is a T3 custom POI. It has been repurposed and rerouted from a default POI. Downstairs is an innocent 'soda fountain' establishment while upstairs offers something stronger.



This is 3 POIs connected as a T3. We have 'Crapper', 'Trapper', and 'Dapper' for hygiene, hunting, and attire. ^^



Gold Rush offers a T2 quest.



Gee Gee is a T1 stable.



This image shows how the Old West generally expands with an intersection with two buildings at each end to cap them off.



Another example of the Trader spawning at the Gateway tile.



The modlet expands the default rwgmixer.xml to make a few changes as follows:

- It sets the spawn_trader to true. This can be toggled between true and false or simply deleted if you prefer to play without a trader in the Old West.

- It changes the minimum 'mintiles' and maximum 'maxtiles' amount of tiles that the Old West can use when a World is being generated for tiny (0,5000 size), small (5000,7000 size), medium (7000,10000 size), and large Worlds (10000, 16000 size).

- It changes the amount of times the Old West will spawn individual tiling systems around the World based on the few, default, and many setting where set.


These are easy enough to customise in the Config > rwgmixer.xml file.


	<set xpath="/rwgmixer/township[@name='oldwest']/property[@name='spawn_trader']/@value">true</set>
	<set xpath="/rwgmixer/world[@name='tiny']/property[@class='oldwest']/property[@name='mintiles']/@value">3</set>
	<set xpath="/rwgmixer/world[@name='tiny']/property[@class='oldwest']/property[@name='maxtiles']/@value">5</set>
	<set xpath="/rwgmixer/world[@name='small']/property[@class='oldwest']/property[@name='few']/@value">2</set>
	<set xpath="/rwgmixer/world[@name='small']/property[@class='oldwest']/property[@name='default']/@value">3</set>
	<set xpath="/rwgmixer/world[@name='small']/property[@class='oldwest']/property[@name='many']/@value">4</set>	
	<set xpath="/rwgmixer/world[@name='small']/property[@class='oldwest']/property[@name='mintiles']/@value">3</set>
	<set xpath="/rwgmixer/world[@name='small']/property[@class='oldwest']/property[@name='maxtiles']/@value">6</set>
	<set xpath="/rwgmixer/world[@name='medium']/property[@class='oldwest']/property[@name='few']/@value">3</set>
	<set xpath="/rwgmixer/world[@name='medium']/property[@class='oldwest']/property[@name='default']/@value">4</set>
	<set xpath="/rwgmixer/world[@name='medium']/property[@class='oldwest']/property[@name='many']/@value">5</set>	
	<set xpath="/rwgmixer/world[@name='medium']/property[@class='oldwest']/property[@name='mintiles']/@value">4</set>
	<set xpath="/rwgmixer/world[@name='medium']/property[@class='oldwest']/property[@name='maxtiles']/@value">6</set>
	<set xpath="/rwgmixer/world[@name='large']/property[@class='oldwest']/property[@name='mintiles']/@value">4</set>
	<set xpath="/rwgmixer/world[@name='large']/property[@class='oldwest']/property[@name='maxtiles']/@value">6</set>
	<!--append xpath="/rwgmixer/township[@name='oldwest']">
		<property name="outskirt_district" value="rural"/>



This area of the rwgmixer.xml is optional:


    <!--append xpath="/rwgmixer/township[@name='oldwest']">
        <property name="outskirt_district" value="rural"/>


If you remove the !-- from the start and -- from the end it will look like this:


    <append xpath="/rwgmixer/township[@name='oldwest']">
        <property name="outskirt_district" value="rural"/>


This will activate a feature that allows the Old West to be surrounded by rural district POIs. The Old West will remain central and the rural will interconnect with it.

This has some trade offs. On the plus side, allowing the rural POIs to appear can offer additional variety and keep within the context of the Old West Migration where the rural area is an expansion. On the negative side, the tiling system will remove the end cap road areas for the Old West and also bring in some 'modern' roadways.


Here is an image to show how it could look. This shows the Old West covering 5 tiles with it being totally surrounded by rural tiles.

By default, this mod will only have the Old West but that option is always there.



The custom POIs have some of the 'key' triggers to unlock doors. These do not always work unless the Client also installs the POIs. While this is a Server Side Only mod, this issue with the 'key' triggers may be noticed if it's used on a dedicated server. This has been reported as a potential bug.

Edited by arramus
rural district option. (see edit history)
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Just putting in the foundations on a new POI for a Pony Express service for the Old West. As with the standard naming quirks, it'll be called 'Bony Xpress'.

It'll have the walk in office on the left and stable on the right and possibly something upstairs for admin.




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Pushed a small update to the Old West Migration Mod.


- Added a 50 x 25 POI (Bony Xpress) for T3 to support all quest types. This is a play on Pony Express and has a main office and stable on the left side with a storage facility on the right side. This POI helps to fill in any of the large 50 x 25 empty gaps that may appear on the Old West streets. There are an abundance of 25 x 25 POIs and they can fill up a road on both sides most appropriately. Occasional gaps where there was not an alternative 50 x 25 POI to add in place is no major issue but can look a little empty. This will now be filled at a greater frequency with this new POI on top of 'Apper' and the regular default strip POIs.



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Pushed a small update with a new T2 Quest POI.

This is a 50 x 25 POI to give additional variety for RWG builds with 'Many' Towns selected.

It is an outdoor stage and barbecue venue for 'locals'.

All POIs are typically indoors but this offers a fence enclosed area exposed to the outdoors.




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Pushed a small cosmetic update.


A bit of aging, fascia filling, and sun shade for 3 of the POIs.


Aging on the roof tiles and broken fence.



Fascia lighting (unpowered) and a few extra props.



Canopy for the seating area for sun shade (because zombies appreciate that ^^)


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Of the 9 remnant default Old West POIs, 5 take up 25 x 25 slots of which 2 are questable. Adding a few more 25 x 25 POIs should decrease the chance for destroyed non questable POIs but not totally eliminate them. This will maintain some level of destruction but restore some life. This is going to be a 25 x 25 addition called 'Meat Loaf'. The 'L' has unfortunately fallen off on this occasion.



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Starting on a T3 50 x 25 with two buildings to make up the POI.

The left will have the Zombie cast of Little House on the Prairie at the local school.





The right side will have a wagon repair shop in place of a modern garage.

This addition will expand the T3 choices which are minimal for Old West and give some extra variety.

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Pushed a T3 POI to Old West Migration Mod.


This has the schoolhouse on the left and wagon factory on the right with a connection point somewhere. ^^

This is a 50 x 25 type and this size is pretty well catered for now. Another T3 is useful though.


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Update to the Old West Migration Mod:


- Re-balanced the tiling system to accommodate new custom POIs and correct a typo.

- Added an optional setting that allows the 'rural' POIs to surround the Old West as an outskirt district.

This is optional and while the code to activate it is in the rwgmixer.xml, it is currently commented out.

Instructions to activate this and an image of how it may look are in the first post.

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Update with additional POI:


- Crater field T2 in a 42 x 42 size.

There is only 1 42 x 42 POI in the Old West (T1 Coal Factory) but there are 2 Old West street tiles that allow for a 42 x 42 POI. To reduce too much duplication in the larger towns, Crater field provides an alternative and also brings a farming element to the town.


In keeping with regular farm fields an abundance of the corn is dead and provides good cover for the zombies. There are also a few guaranteed plants in there as well along with random luck chances to keep it a little more dynamic. Players may be lucky and find the odd pumpkin or potato as well.

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Pushed an update for the Old West Migration:


- rwg_tile_oldwest_corner_02


This is a new street tile that expands on the original rwg_tile_oldwest_corner. It removes the 42 x 42 space and replaces it with a smaller 25 x 25. It also adds some more variety for that corner tile area. Here are some images to demonstrate.


This is how it looks in the editor. The 'road' area is hardcoded but the surrounding area is very flexible.



And in game.

At one end is the start of a rail road. It is very much under construction and there is no completion date in sight. ^^



In the original, this area was a dead animal patch. This tile turns it into a public resting area.



In the original, this area was a smaller post-harvest area and had a small puddle in the middle. This enlarges the area and adds some pre-harvest farming items to pick.



It has been given the same weighting to appear as the downtown tile with the bridge area going over another road. How it will balance in the Old West will require some monitoring but on a 10K RWG there were 2 regular and 2 _02 versions so both variants can appear in the same area or separately. This is a new area to delve into so we'll see how it goes.

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