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Another look through those lucky goggles...


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At one time I felt (perceived) that the Lucky Goggles may well have had a greater influence on how good an item I could get out of a wooden loot box, a leather trunk or a locked metal loot chest. But in those days (previous alphas), we could more often than not find a complete weapon or tool. In A20 we're mainly given weapon and tool components that have no quality: parts is parts.. So lucky or not, I just get pieces of the item that maybe I can craft. Goggles don't seem to help for that.


Yet, I always carry my +5 Goggles. Put them on to open a potentially good loot chest. And oh so often its a case of meh...why did I even bother.


But when I go to see the Trader to sell or complete a task and have forgotten to change out the not-so Lucky Goggles for the Nerd Glasses when making a sale, its a real hit to XP. Arrrgh!


So, as a matter of hope against hope, I continue to use the Lucky Goggles. Yeah, digging for buried treasure with a reduction in dig radius is fine, but I like the extra clay if I am using a good enough shovel. So, that's not an issue.


All that said, maybe wearing the goggles could perhaps give me a chance of getting some seeds in addition to the harvest of what I find in the wild? That would at least add to their utility.


Because they're not what they used to be. For me the Lucky Googles are almost at the point of not being relevant anymore. Except for this: I will always put them on when opening a weapon or armor bundle that I get from a Trader or air drop. Maybe It will help me. An exercise in futility? No one knows....

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I think part of the problem is that it's incredibly hard to quantify a +5 increase in something that is still governed by RNG. They're not like the glasses that give you increased perception which, when worn under the right circumstances, you can actually see the effect when harvesting crops since the number of crops you get will always be 1, 2 or 3 depending on your LOTL investment (with a small chance to get an extra, but that has nothing to do with wearing the glasses). Overall, I would guess that most players feel the same way you do, myself included. But I still wear the damned things out of habit, and probably with some (possibly naive) hope that it's actually making a difference.


Maybe it would be a balance issue, but they should try and give more benefit to the goggles either with a bigger increase in loot stage or adding some other perk while wearing them.

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The thing isn't that the loot bonus is hard to quantify; it's that it's mostly pointless.


+3/4/5 to loot stage is nothing when you can have a loot stage of 100+ on day 1 and it goes up dramatically as you level and tackle harder PoIs. At best the bonus can push you over a breakpoint, e.g. if you need 80+ to have any chance of finding T2 melee gear and you only have 78 without the glasses, then the glasses will raise your odds from impossible to merely super low in that instance. Then the goggles will go back to doing pretty much nothing the next time you level up.


It just isn't a well thought-out bonus. For most playthroughs they'll never actually change the loot you find in any meaningful way, and you're better off with any other goggles (except when treasure hunting).


To make them useful, in my opinion the bonus should be changed to a percentage. Give them a bonus of 10% and they'll start to have meaning. It won't mean much in the pine forest but for players in the snow at decent levels they might be looking at a bonus of 20 or 30 points, which will be significant enough of the time that it'll be worth keeping on when looting.


Or, change them to give a loot amount bonus. Like how you can set your loot amount in the settings. The goggles could raise you enough that you'd find an extra bullet every couple of times you loot ammo, something like that.

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