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NPCs like RPGs


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(Originally Posted in the A21 Discussion Post)

After Bandits are in and working I hope we get friendly NPC's.


Just a small idea I had

  • I know that coding even a few NPC's into the wild would take a while and the code would probably be a nightmare so my suggestion would work like an old school RPG
  • A new trader Mission Style called Rescue
  • Each mission sees you rescue a particular NPC, these could be timed events, buried events, restore power events.
  • Once you successfully rescue the NPC they become active in that particular Trader
  • As you successfully complete a mission the Traders building adjusts accordingly OR the NPC appears in a new room of the trader and are static like the existing traders.
  • These NPS could then offer different services
    • Main Trader acts as it does now offering missions and selling and buying
    • First NPC is Medical: By rescuing this NPC He/She sells your medical items at a discounted rate but can also heal you for a price.
    • Second NPC is a Builder: By rescuing this NPC He/She sells you building items at a discounted rate but can also build you items for a price.
    • Third NPC is a Marine: By rescuing this NPC He/She sells you weapon/ammo/armour at a discounted rate but can also be hired to protect you. (in this case as the NPC's are static this Marine protects you by offering the Marine buff that lowers damage and lowers energy usage for a period of time with a cool down)
    • Fourth NPC is a Hunter: By rescuing this NPC He/She sells you Food and Drinks at a discounted rate but can also hunt for a price (again being the NPCs are static you pay the Hunter and after a time period you come back to collect what he has hunted, the reward being random depending on money given)
    • Fifth NPC is Zombie: By capturing this NPC He/She is used for research (research being a random chance draw to receive stat buff items and medical curing items)
  • All NPCs are static like current traders and if you do not successfully rescue/capture the NPC once the mission is accepted you will not get another chance to compete that mission and the NPC is lost forever, adding to the risk vs reward.
  • This will only require a rework on the current traders bases to start with 6 rooms for each trader + NPC.
  • Each Trader could offer all 5 NPCs, some could offer less.
  • Could work in tandem with Bandits, using the rescue mission.
  • If you successfully rescue everyone for that trader all Trader + NPCs get an additional discount buff making things cheaper + more effective.
  • Could even have a Escort Mission where an NPC follows you to a particular location but if they die, you lose.
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i like the concept of having to "work to get a trader". I think it would also be neat to have a chance to have the NPC not be able to be rescued, like when the quest starts, zeds spawn around the trapped trader and start going after them, beating on the walls to break them, making it a "semi random timer" you have to deal

with: wether you rescue them fast enough, or the zeds get to them.


additionally, maybe have trader inventory be a few items after rescue, and the item count increases over time.. as if they have been scavenging and trading. Or maybe they have no inventory as they were raided and put in the predicament that required saving them. a bandit raid would be something other traders might know about, and hence they send you to "check up on them" or "heard a friend had some trouble" not knowing they are trapped.


im not sure how this would work in pvp though (against strangers on 24x7 not family/friends) other than maybe have a limit on how many "rescue trader" quests there can be so the first ones to do them establish the traders. I guess on a large server they could just pre-place the traders and remove those quests of they wanted to.

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