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Need some help with world files


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There are no issues in your log but that doesn't mean your world couldn't be borked. My only suggestion is with pen and paper. Log into the game, write down your players level, xp, any and all inventory items, books read etc including what was in your base. Also note your seed name and the day you are on. Leave the game and shut off your game. Go to your saves location and delete your save. If it's single player, you can delete the save from the game but to be safe I'd delete it manually using Windows Explorer or use the game launcher, tools tab and put checks next to everything except Game Settings and hit clean. Using the same seed name, generate a new map. When you join it will be Day 1. Type dm in the console and hit enter. Type cm in the console and hit enter. Use the command giveselfxp command in the console and start giving yourself xp to get your levels back. I "think" if you type giveselfxp 500000 you should get to around level 30 but it will tell you exactly what level after you use the command. It may take executing that command a half dozen times to get where you want your level to be. Now, hit U in the game and that will bring up the creative menu and is where you can get all of your inventory and books back that are on your list. Spend your perk points but remember to finish the initial quest for those 4 points. Lastly, hit the ESC button and on the right side of the screen is an option to change the days so select your day and now you should be back where you were with a clean world. You may need to get some additional supplies to re-build a base if you had one before. I hope this is what you were wanting.

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