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While I was at work last night/this morning I was thinking about the game. As I've mentioned a couple of times I mostly play single player, I've tried playing on a few of the servers with other people, never works out. Don't find anyone else. Find someone and they kill me. Find someone and they watch as a horde of zombies kills me and then laugh. None of my friends are interested in the game right now because it's still in alpha and they don't want to pay for an incomplete game. ANYWAY. SP always seems to be missing something, it's missing a purpose and then it hit me. NPC survivors, we can't be the only one. That's what would make the game a lot more fun, having AI run NPC survivors that you can encounter. Can find them doing just what you are, scavenging and trying to survive. Can find them wondering the landscape and looking for things. Can find them fighting off a zombie horde. Can find them looting an airdrop. Find them in their makeshift shelters or their own forts. Find them one by one or find several that have banded together. Fight with them? Offer to have them join up with you? The choice is yours. Fight with you? Agree to join up with you? Willing to trade with you? That choice is up to them! If they join you, you get to have limited control over them. Assign them to positions in the fort. Manning the lookout tower. Manning the forge. Healing the wounded (would require more in depth injury and illness system). Set fort controls over what supplies they can take. Take what they want when they want? Take what they need when they need it? Stay well supplied with what they need? Of course with these NPCs would come a whole host of new options to be set before the game starts. [B]The spawn rate[/B], just like the spawn rates of zombies. Want to be the only one? Set it to zero. Want to manage a whole community of survivors? Set it to the highest level. [B]The level of aggression[/B], how often they will be friendly towards you or if they will attack on sight. How willing they are to join or trade with you or to go it alone. The options are numerous. What do you think of this idea?
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