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Hey everyone. I made this custom update a couple days ago, so I thought I'd share it.

A couple disclaimers...there could be some ideas in here that have already been posted. There could be some points here that have either been posted already, or are confirmed updates. I could've missed some things when reading about updates, and I'm not trying to steal anyone's ideas.

Also, this concept was made with some Alpha 21 changes in mind including Learn by Looting and the water rework.



  • Pipe weapons can no longer be found in looting.

  • The “Learn by Looting” magazines that you can find are greatly influenced by the item’s governing skill (if you invest in Boomstick, you’ll find more shotgun magazines). Lucky Looter enhances this effect.

  • Flowers can not be found in looting.

  • Crops have a lesser chance of being found in loot.



  • Increased rewards for Opening Trade Routes missions.

  • Added “Supply Run” Special Mission type. The objective is to find White River Supply Bags in various locations and return them to the Trader. Doing this mission will cause the Trader’s stock to change the next day.

  • Added “High Value Items” that will appear in a list in the Trader’s inventory menu. These items can be sold for additional Dukes. More HV options can be unlocked by achieving a higher quest tier with the Trader.

  • Added mailboxes outside Trader buildings to turn in quests and receive rewards when the Trader is closed.

  • Investing in Daring Adventurer extends the Trader’s hours.

  • Traders Jenn, Rekt, Bob and High now have unique announcement quotes for opening, closing soon and closing.

  • Traders will have different dialogue if you visit them for the first time, visit them frequently, or haven’t visited in a long time.



  • Radioactive zombies will appear less Radioactive when hit by a Rad Remover.

  • Police zombie explosion remnants no longer use the old model.



  • Improved third-person walking/running animations.

  • First-person will display both hands when unequipped.

  • Improved first-person running animations.

  • Some character presets have different “voices.” Can change your voice when creating a character.



  • Earn 2 additional skill points every 10 levels.



  • Cancel rework to the water system. Empty Glass Jars, Boiled Water, etc. are still in game.

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