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So I caused an infinite chain if explosions...


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So I'm playing a world of 7d2d when I discovered a glitch house.  Any block in this small area of the basement instantly respawns.  It happens to be the loot room, so I can't access the loot.  No biggie I think.  Then I see an explosive barrel in glitched section.  Well of course I had to shoot it.  Thus causing infinite explosions and summoning all of the screamers.


Here is the map data for this world.  I am going to see if i can get it to infinitely explode again. 
It is modern house 23 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<property value="1" name="Scale"/>

<property value="6144,6144" name="HeightMapSize"/>

<property value="Survival,SurvivalSP,SurvivalMP,Creative" name="Modes"/>

<property value="false" name="FixedWaterLevel"/>

<property value="true" name="RandomGeneratedWorld"/>

<property value="Alpha.20.6.9" name="GameVersion"/>

<property value="Pistols & Sledge" name="Generation.Seed"/>

<property value="Default" name="Generation.Towns"/>

<property value="Many" name="Generation.Wilderness"/>

<property value="Many" name="Generation.Lakes"/>

<property value="Many" name="Generation.Rivers"/>

<property value="Many" name="Generation.Cracks"/>

<property value="Many" name="Generation.Craters"/>

<property value="6" name="Generation.Plains"/>

<property value="6" name="Generation.Hills"/>

<property value="3" name="Generation.Mountains"/>

<property value="4" name="Generation.Snow"/>

<property value="6" name="Generation.Forest"/>

<property value="6" name="Generation.Desert"/>

<property value="3" name="Generation.Wasteland"/>


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10 hours ago, Maharin said:

On a similar note, which is better?  1000 barrels full of monkeys being opened one at a time or all at once?

One at a time, over all at once.


I can't eat that many monkeys in one sitting.


As we all know, when it comes to eating monkey fresh out of a barrel, they rot like bananas in direct sunlight.

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