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No zombie mods?

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I saw a post about a no zombie mod being requested, but its archived.  One mod existed where you'd fight animals, but it's for an older alpha.


I was hoping to get more of a Rust or The Long Dark experience from this game, turning off enemy spawning can do that, but the amount of animals are too low. Even tried a mod which controls how many zombies/animals may spawn, but this seemed to only barely make a difference.


Is there anything I could try here? To be honest, I'm kinda tired of all the zombies and zombiegames in general.



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First, this should be moved to the "Discussion and Requests" forum. The "Mods" forum is for announcing and discussing actual mods that are released to the public.


But to answer your question - AFAIK no mod or modlet exists to do this, because I don't know anyone who plays 7D2D and doesn't like zombies.


However, it's possible to write a modlet yourself that does it (or at least goes most of the way there - see below). What you want to do is to substitute all the zombies with animals. Which animals go with what zombies is up to you of course.


The file you want to modify is entitygroups.xml. That controls which entities spawn. Keep in mind they spawn in many different contexts -  biome spawns ("in the wild"), in wandering hordes, in blood moon hordes, in POIs, etc. I'm not sure which contexts you're talking about, or if you're talking about all of them.


In general, you want to make a modlet that uses XPath to substitute each zombie for some animal equivalent. You can also use XPath to specify which entity groups you're targeting, and since they have predictable names, you can target the different "contexts" by entity group name.


As a simple example, this targets biome spawn groups for zombies, and if that group spawns a zombie cop, it will spawn a zombie bear instead:


<set xpath="//entitygroup[starts-with(@name, 'Zombies')]/entity[@name='zombieFatCop']/@name">animalBear</set>


But there are limitations. According to comments in that file, "Bears/Animals aren't controllable by the BloodMoon horde system until the animal code is re-factored." I think I know what they're talking about, and if so, that isn't just the blood moon horde system, it's also wandering hordes.


So it may not be entirely possible to substitute all zombies with animals. But it will get you at least partway there.


Try it and see. Good luck!

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