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A few questions.


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I've played the heck out of this game in the past. I gave up on a lot of that when the "new forum" became a "thing". I absolutely hate this software and layout but I understand it is what it is. That said, most of my old links go to nowhere which was an additional turn-off. That said, part whatever, probably isn't relevant anyway. On to the list...


  • What are the more popular mods these days?
  • What seem to be the desirable settings for servers and such?
  • Who seems to be the better server hosts if not running a dedicated system?
  • How has the level of players been; I mean, is there still significant numbers worth starting a custom server for?
  • Can my forum name be altered? If so, how? Seems like that has to be an administrative change.
  • I'll have a few questions by morning I am sure.


I did do some reading but as I said, I struggle with this forum software and in an effort to get up to speed, I thought I might ask a few questions. Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to spend a few minutes to reply.

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1) Darkness Falls, Apocalypse Now, Undead Legacy, War3zuk, Ravenhearst, War of the walkers. All overhaul mods. For the small mods i can´t tell, currently trying out all the overhauls.

2) Really depends on your likings, i would simply go online and compare the settings in the serverlist.

3) For me G-Portal, a lot of people use Bluefang and seem very happy with it.

4) Seems so to me, but i only play on private with my buddies.

5) Don´t think so, but that is better answered by someone from the moderator team.


For 1) and 2) i would recommend asking on the steamforums aswell as they are way more frequented.


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On 8/31/2022 at 4:29 PM, Roland said:

Message sent.


Out of curiosity what alpha was the last one you played and what do you think about A20? Anything surprise you in a positive or negative way when you started playing again?

Seems to me about 16.4 if I recall. It's been awhile for sure. Most of the time I really seem to prefer the older versions but have played several mods on our servers in the past. Going to see how the updated mods play now and make a determination of vanilla vs modded.

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