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My friend has a problem to connect our server!


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So, we have a server, and we play on it. one of our friend wanted to connect , then he got an unity 320 error. or just freezing. "he has 16gb ram, and i have 8, and i can play without any problem or freezing. We already tried to delete 7d2d with every files, installed again, changed to alpha 20.5, then we tried with modlauncher to get ul stable. installed, but again the same. then we get every driver updated ( video card, visual cc+ etc). same problem. then we tried manually, but still the same. i dont have idea, what can we do... Please help if somebody had the same. 

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Read the pinned topic above called "Read Before Creating a New Thread" which gives you instructions on how to post a copy of your friends log file. You could also post a copy of the server log. The answer to his problem is in those logs.

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