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Remove Mod items from in game crafting menu

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New to server set up. server is up and stable. Some of the mods I've added have items that I do not want players that are connected to even see in the crafting menu and having trouble figuring out how to remove them. I've played around with the recipes and while I can make the resource and crafting times ridiculous, nothing I'm trying is hiding them. While I could just delete the recipes entirely, I do want them available to admins or the ability to turn them back on/show in craft tables later

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For the future, here is an alternative.


'Comment out' the recipes so they are easy to restore at a later date. Commenting out is a little xml code that instructs the game to skip the code contained within it, but allow it to remain for potential future use. Here is an example in the TFP recipes.xml for a farm tool no longer used.


<recipe name="meleeToolFarmT1IronHoe" count="1" tags="learnable,perkLivingOffTheLand">
    <ingredient name="resourceForgedIron" count="16"/>
    <ingredient name="resourceWood" count="10"/>
    <ingredient name="resourceLeather" count="2"/>
    <ingredient name="resourceDuctTape" count="2"/>


Adding <!-- at the start and --> at the end will allow it to be skipped.





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Another option is to have a modlet that removes the recipes when the game is loaded up.  Then when you remove the modlet, the recipes return.  That way you don't have to turn code into comments.  Also, if updates are pushed out, the original file is not rewritten.

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