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Idea on how to fix behemoth and other zombie ideas


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to fix behemoth you can put it in a straight jacket and make it attack by kicking (it likes crushing things) 


Drowned zombie can shoot water deals not a lot of damage and can only survive in water


Mummie zombie very weak but can phase through certain blocks can only survive in deserts.


Cat zombie small agile but only does hit and run can go through 1 block gaps


The pitcher a zombie that is carrying small bombs that they throw slow damage and runs when approached.


The bull basically as it says it charges at the building walks back and charges again will charge through spikes and such.


I can think of more zombies or even places thought why not put it here for ether tfp or a Modder to see and maybe make them. Main reason I made these is bases are kinda stale with making a walkway to kill them and that's basically it for a good couple of days so why not turn the full game upside down with these zombies. Now you need to make sure there is no water nearby and make sure you check the walls and any one block gaps.


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