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You feel badass when you are low on meat and go to the polar biome to hunt


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I tink I see a dire wolf. I did, I did see a dire wolf


I tink I see lunch.


I tought I saw a puddy cat with a bad attitude 


Now I see a puddy cat with a good attitude


I should harvest this car for parts. Gets jumped by a direwolf.

Me with an SMG 😂


Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam. Extra lunch 

F*** Rambo!





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Yup, meat central.


On the 10k pregen map, going to visit the traders in the snow....


Is why I've got over 2k meat just sitting in a box.


2 kitties, dire wolf and a bear just wandering about outside the trader.


Punchity-punchity!   :D

(steel knuckles & beer.  kill & harvest all at once) 


Knockin the head clean off a bear in 1 hit never gets old!


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41 minutes ago, ElCabong said:

While this is true, nothing beats the sublime joy of killing with an arrow to the knee.


You know there is a somewhat morbid satisfaction when dismembering one of Big Mamas leg and turning her into a turtle.  I usually feel bad.........and run out of patience, so run up and club her to death.


I mean it is Horror Movie Script like @Matt115 :).



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