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Not a mod exactly, but I'm playing around with the config files...


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I'm trying to force the game to generate giant cities using the rwgmicer xml file. I've managed to make kinda larger cities, but I'm trying to see if I could make a full map city or at least cover half of the map with at least one giant city.


What is the maximum number of tiles the game will allow a city to have? Also, is there a legend that explains what each section means? I've just been trying things and seeing what happens, but I'm not sure what some of the things mean. What is a gateway district, and downtown intersection tile?

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IIRC, @stallionsden did some testing and got a Mega city to be somewhere around 70 tiles.


A Gateway Tile is a special Tile where a Trader gets placed and the roads between cities connect.


Downtown is a district. An intersection is one of five different configurations for a District's tiles. The files for it will be named to start with rwg_tile_downtown_intersection.

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