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Geforce Now Question


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hey guys,


i hope this is the right section in the forum. I try to play 7 Days via Geforce now on my xbox Series x in the Edge Browser. It works very well so far. No Lags or something. But in the Distance  its really blurred and flickering all the time like this but much more.



Does anyone have experince with Geforce now on the xbox? :)

Maybe my internet ist the Problem? 50mbit/s Internet Connection


Thank you for your Help :)



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It's most likely your connection. GeForce NOW requires at least 15Mbps for 720p at 60 FPS, and 25Mbps for 1080p at 60 FPS


Your 50mbit/s internet connection is only amounting to 6.25Mbps. Which is less than half of the requirement for the minimum.


I've never used GeForce Now, but those are the numbers.

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