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Broken draw bridge placement.


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Hello all, 

I am struggling to place a draw bridge on my new base. ive followed all of the usual tricks of placing down frames in the middle and removing surrounding blocks, but so far it has not allowed me to place it. I would add a picture but this forum apparently doesnt allow pictures to be copied and requires me to copy a URL which i way too lazy for. Is this a known issue in A20? i know they have always been an absolute nightmare to place but ive struggled with for over an hour now. Does anyone know how to place it? Thanks in advance

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My basic method has been:

- Figure out the size of the thing (I never remember the dimensions)

- Place blocks around the spot I want it in to prevent an accidental placement (mostly full floor, at least one block each side)

- Nerdpole up at the open end, aim down at the temporary floor


Not the fastest way, but beats an hour of fidgeting ... :)

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An additional thing popped to mind;

If you're working on a POI, make sure you're not blocked by the invisible quest marker. They're usually exactly where you'd want the bridge. If you don't remember where it is, the only way to be sure is to fill the entire first layer "within" the bridge - possibly the next one as well, if you've dug the bridge into the ground.


And if you're in the wilderness, check for rocks.

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5 hours ago, Joosterijk said:

Well i figured it out, apperantly my 4x4 that was parked 5 blocks below it was causing issues. Anyways thx for the help.

It would never have crossed my mind to ask "btw, are you trying to place it over your 4x4?". 


3 hours ago, theFlu said:

Well, that's a new one! :D

It certainly is!


I find humor in your misfortune @Joosterijk.  🧀

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