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The Great Heist Perk Description is Misleading


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The Great Heist, Vol 2:


"Find more jewelry and precious gems."

"Gems: Uncover the rarest hiding places of precious jewelry and gems. Find 10% more jewelry and precious gems when looting."


There isn't any jewelry in any loot. There's silver nuggets and gold nuggets and raw diamonds to be found (and mined on the rare occaision), but no jewelry. No saphires, rubies, emeralds or other gems. Just nuggets and raw diamonds. No large carat diamond rings, intricate silver lockets nor even a pearl necklace to be found.


I suggest something along the lines of:


"Find more diamonds and precious metals."

"Find 10% more diamonds, gold and silver nuggets when looting."


However, if this perk book is no longer part of the A21 progression tree, then the point is moot. But as it is now, the perk's description is inaccurate.





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2 hours ago, pApA^LeGBa said:

Well maybe there is no jewelry yet?



Having jewelry and gems in loot might have been considered at one time, who knows? And it may yet happen, although I seriously doubt that it will.  It wouldn't add to gameplay or immersion any more than the silver, gold and diamonds do already.  I think the perk's description will most likely be edited and that'll be the end of it. 

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