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Filexeception + Timeout / savegame - cant join server


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Filexeception + Timeout / savegame - cant join server

we have this at newest on a laptop

since 3month the laptop gets kicked temporally all 16min from the server

sometimes  we can play hours..sometimes we get kicked all 16min..


we have tried: add ssd / more ram 16gb

deleted player on server

in the a18 a19 the error never appeared, since 20.5 its very very often...


any ideas?



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The game seems to be not able to find the saved game. There also seems to be some connection issues to EOS but I can’t make out the total message. We would really need to see your entire game log but something to try is creating an exclusion in your antivirus for the 7DaystoDie folder and the saves folder. The path to your saves folder is shown in your photo. If creating the antivirus exclusions don’t work, copy your entire output log file, paste it at pastebin.com then post the link generated here.

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