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Game crash lost drone not shown on map


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We are on a server, with mod , 

  Game crashed while I was playing and my lvl 1 drone disappeared.

  It does not show on the map. nor on the compass bar.  I made a new lvl 1 drone.. I could deploy it. 

But when I found a level 6 drone..Yea.. but I cant deploy it.. I scraped the second lvl 1 drone I had made..

I have no others in my possession. but it says to many drones deployed.  

IS there a command the admin of our server can use to remove the lvl 1 drone that is not found by map or compass?

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There is a command "jd clear" but as far as I know it would delete all active drones on the server. The command can only be executed by an admin and all players would have to pick up their drones so that they are not deleted.


With the command jd you should see the ID of the drone but I don't know that it would be possible to delete a specific drone.

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Loosing your drone like that is a sort of uncommon bug.  It's happened to me more than a few times now.

Secondary to that, if you're drone has taken a serious amount of damage, it stops moving.   It's easy to miss out

on where it was last seen when that happens because you might not be paying attention to it.


This goes double if you turn off its speech module.

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