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Blank main menu plz help


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I am trying to run a single player undead legacy game but my main menu is broke the background with the logo is there but no options like new game etc the cmd window opens when its loading and this is the msg

EXC MissingMethodException: bool XUiC_ServerBrowser.get_ShowingFilters

and then 3 lines down from this is a warning

WRN [EOS] [LogEOSAnalytics - Warning] EOS SDK Analytics disabled for route [1]

i have reinstalled both the game and the mod(using the mod launcher) a few times already and have tried a few thing i've read on posts ike firewall exceptions for the mod launcher and the 7dtd exe, changing the renderer to glcore and back to dx11 and updating my graphic drivers. 

any advice on this matter woulld be greatly appreciated.

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