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laser workbench

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1 hour ago, Николай said:

как создать лазерный верстак или как купить его?



I've not seen a laser workbench, that might be a mod or just google translate playing tricks on me.


To create a regular workbench get all the parts in your inventory, and craft it.  Be careful though, if you have a Quality 3 wrench or hammer and a Quality 1 wrench or hammer the game may take the quality 3 tool, so put the high quality tools that you want to keep in a box when starting the crafting.


Also this is a mainly an English forum, you will probably get more responses if you post questions in English, I was just bored this morning.

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The laser workbench is from the Darkness Falls Mod. You can either buy it from a trader in their secret stash if your better barter is high enough (also needs some luck, better barter just gives you a chance of them selling it) or you can build it yourself, but for building it yourself you need to complete the DF storyline and do the wasteland bunker quest. Inside there is a working laser workbench where you can craft your own laser workbench in. Be sure to bring all the materials you need with you.


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