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Small NPC Enclaves based on POI's


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What I kind of hope we get small NPC outpost based on existing smaller POI's.

When you get a mission to clear a particular location there is a chance npc's could build a small enclave there. Or maybe randomly after a while a location will turn into an npc enclave. 

For example one of the existing Farm POI's could just be spawned a few days after being cleared slightly edited with a wall/fence around it and be cleaned up and made to look like it is lived in. These enclaves could offer npc with specific items, services or missions based on their location. Like one in a clinic or vet shop could offer healing services.  If you have certain ranks in healing you could be sent on missions to a particular location to heal/save a person. One based in bar could offer rare rums/vodka.  One based in scrap yard would sell loads of scrap metal.

I think using existing POI's instead of building custom ones for this purpose would make the world feel lived in and constantly evolving 

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