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anyway to disable red sky effect in bloodmoon night?

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Hi Izayo, this may not be exactly what you're looking for but you can turn off some of the bloodmoon effects using weather commands.


Pressing F1 and typing DM into the console will activate debug mode. You can do this while the game is paused BTW. If you type "help weather" you can see some of the changes you can make.


Using "weather fogcolor" followed by a positive or negative number will change the color of the fog depending on the number you enter. For example "weather fogcolor 1" seems pretty standard.

Using "weather fog 0" will turn off bloodmoon fog if that helps.


I don't think there's a command to turn off the blood moon skybox itself, but if you play with the weather commands you may find something that works for you. I searched the XML and didn't see a specific way the change this permanently, but there are some threads here in the forums that talk about modifying the weather via XML. If you search you may find something more permanent.


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I’ve read several posts on these forums about removing blood moon and/or weather effects (flashes of light, storm noises) and possibly the red sky effect and I don’t think anyone has found a way yet. Usually it’s for people who have sensitivities to the flashing storm lights and it’s “you can mod the weather to not have storms, but bloodmoon night is special so maybe skip it with admin commands or logout” so I think bloodmoon is untouchable from normal XML.


But I have not tried myself to mod it out.  My guess if it’s possible it might have to be a C# mod (or the new modding API)

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