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Performance issues with Undead Legacy A20


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As title says, i have unbearable lag when there's bunch of zombies around me. So when im somewhere in the woods, my fps is at 50-60, but when im clearing out lvl 4-5 POI or holding a blood moon or wandering horde, my fps drops to 8-11, or even 4 at some circumstances. Im playing at the lowest possible settings, except for textures (half size instead of 1/8) and resolution (fullhd).
And at those highload moments, CPU and GPU usage are only at ~50%.
Also yesterday ive checked the game on vanilla, and it runs a lot more smoother. I would assume that this is a mod problem if such lags would have been before, at version A19. But year ago ive played this mod on A19 and everything worked fine.

My specs are:
GTX 1050Ti 4GB
i7-3770 overclocked to 4.1 GHz (4 cores, 8 threads)
Game is installed on a SSD

Im a programmer myself, and i have no idea why it works that way. Im looking for some tool or method to pinpoint why the game behaves like that, what causes this behavior, and how to fix it. Because i highly doubt that its my hardware's problem (4fps!).

What ive tried:
Enabling/disabling pagefile (makes no difference)
Enabling/disabling gfx-workers (game runs worse when workers are enabled)
Setting CPU affinity to main threads (i couldnt see any difference)

Resource monitor also says nothing. There are no noticeable fluctuations in the CPU/GPU load when fps drops

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Honestly it's likely the combination of the ram and cpu, the cpu being about 10-12 years old (a high clock speed isn't everything) and only supporting low-frequency DDR3 ram. You may try lowering the timings on the ram as low as they can go and still be stable, but I don't think it may make that much difference, your CPU/GPU being at 50% also hints that it's waiting on your ram. Hardware aside, I am not sure, but I would go at the problem with that information (maybe try dynamic music off, dymesh off, lowered resolution, lower the object quality).

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