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Workstation crafting speed

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Sure, vedrit: Here's the recipe for Zilox's Lawn Mower:

<append xpath="/recipes">
       <recipe name="vehicleLawnMowerPlaceable" count="1" craft_time="120" craft_area="workbench" tags="workbenchCrafting">
            <ingredient name="vehicleWheels" count="4"/>
            <ingredient name="vehicleLawnMowerChassis" count="1"/>
            <ingredient name="vehicleLawnMowerAccessories" count="1"/>
            <ingredient name="smallEngine" count="1"/>
            <ingredient name="carBattery" count="1"/>

Just add the attribute  >   craft_time="120"    <     to the main recipe header line for the unit that you're creating, and in this case the craft time is "120", and I believe that's in seconds.

<!-- Oakraven's Mods -->
    <append xpath="/recipes">
        <recipe name="WalkWay1x4"  craft_time="20" count="1" craft_area="workbench" >

<!-- Chuckleburgers Engineering -->
        <recipe name="resourceMechanicalParts" count="1" craft_time = "10" craft_area="workbench" tags="perkAdvancedEngineering">

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If you want to adjust the crafting time for the entire workstation, look at how the AdvancedEngineering perk handles the cementMixerCrafting tag or workbenchCrafting tag and add a similar line for your unique workstation .  Don't forget to add that tag to your workstation recipes.


<passive_effect name="CraftingTime" operation="perc_add" level="4,5" value="-0.1,-0.2" tags="cementMixerCrafting"/>



Another way would be to add a tool to your workstation and copy how the toolAnvil adjusts crafting time for all recipes.


    <effect_group tiered="false">
        <requirement name="!HoldingItemHasTags" tags="toolAnvil"/>
            <passive_effect name="CraftingTime" operation="perc_add" value="-.333"/>
            <display_value name="dCraftingTime" value=".5"/>


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